Komaru Soft Release Buttons - Satin

Material: Titanium

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The Komaru soft release is very well made. We were going back and forth between different cameras using the same Red soft release, there wasn't any deterioration other than a minimal discolouration around the thread.

The installation remains smooth and accurate to this day, a real sign of good quality. The only real downside we could find is: having a soft release does make pressing the shutter a bit lighter, so there is a slight chance of mis-firing when the camera is inside a bag.

The following cameras are used for illustration only:
  1. Sony RX1
  2. Leica MP
  3. Voigtlander 
  4. Rolleiflex 75mm f3.5 White face
  5. Lomo LC-A
  6. Olympus 35 SP
  7. Olympus Pen
  8. Nikon F3
  9. Fujifilm GX617