Our Story

A lot of our customers are curious of who they are dealing with, just exactly who are we? We hope this page could shed some light of who we are, our Likes and our Passions.
The popular questions we have been asked a lot are: Who is Annie Barton ? How did the name come to be ? Is Barton1972 and Annie Barton the same? Who are these guys?




They met each other through the hobby in photography, and took the passion one step further by building a business in making unique leather camera straps. Now they are happily married and continue to forward their dream together.

Carmen and Victor had their trainings in sales marketing and investments. The only direct link to the camera strap business is the cameras they have along with their love for photography.

Carmen is a100% born and raised Hong Kong, while Victor is a bit of here and there; Victor was born in Burma, moved to HK when he was 4, graduated the high school in Canada, received his degrees from a University in California.

Annie Barton does the designing, we do the leather sourcing from all over the world, and we rely on the specialized team to craft the camera straps.