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Our personal opinions

Lug Mount

A) Lug mount is the most common type. For example, the cameras that we are using: the Nikon D800, D3, the Sony RX1, A7R, the Leica MP, M3, they all come with the lug mount. 

B) Camera with lug mount usually has a removable "triangular" ring attached. We would recommend removing the triangular ring, then attach your new strap directly onto the camera. We think it's better looking this way.  

C) Do not throw away the "Triangular" ring. It comes in handy if you want to return to the original factory strap or other similar straps such as our creepy crawlies Mamba strap. 

D) Lug mounts are generally ring friendly, but beware of the loading issue. Just becuase it fits, does not necessarily mean it will hold. 

Protruded Rectangular Mount

A) For the camera with a Rectangular mount, we think it's best to avoid using rings to attach the camera. It lacks the grace and it gives undesired scratches on the body.

B) Examples are: the Fuji TX-2, the Sony NEX5

C) Our suggestions would be the Sensuality strap, or the original factory type of straps, such as our Mamba straps.

Ricoh-type mount

A) This mount is commonly found in the Ricoh GR series. The mount itself appears to be embedded to the camera body.

B) We strongly do not recommend using rings to connect to this type of camera. The rings will certainly scratch, or possibly damage the body, and this is a risk we are not prepare to take.

C) We use the Gordy's wrist strap with string on our Ricoh Gr1v, or our Sensuality neck strap works just fine. For the Sensuality strap, a little effort is needed to pull the leather tip out of the camera mount, but it is perfectly do-able.


A) Hasselblad medium format camera: We use the Gordy's wrist strap with string. It's a very strong strap, but it is a string nevertheless. We feel weak pyschologically.

B) Rolleiflex and Rolleicord: Obviously we are using the Distressed Style straps, and sadly its production has stopped.

Select by Camera Types

Attach the camera the strap is made for. Also take the lens into consideration, it will add to the overall weight of the system.

About Barton Strap

The leather 

1. Leather stretches through time.

2. Do not store the leather directly under sunlight, and avoid humidity.

3. Leather is a natural material, but its coloration is not. Slight color bleeding is possible.

4. Leather surface pattern may vary, so the item you see in our web store may not be identical to the item you receive.

Tthe connecting rings

1. The connecting rings used in Barton1972 straps are made of Grade 304 stainless steel.

2. Grade 304 Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and long lasting, but it has its limitations. When attaching onto a camera, avoid spreading the coil more than necessary, over stretching may permanently damage the closing of the ring and render it useless.