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Data Collection and Privacy 

1. When you place an order, you are invited to log in (optional). The registration page will ask you your name, a user ID, a password, and your email address.

2. We use Paypal as our only payment gateway. Paypal will collect your payment information, we do NOT have access to your credit card number or security code.

3. Data collected is for the sole purpose of processing the order and delivering the merchandise ordered.

4. We may use the information for improving the online experience, and promotional purposes.

5. We do not sell or trade to outside parties. 

Terms of Use 

1. This business operation is conducted in Hong Kong. The terms of this Web Site shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region.

2. Access to and use of this Web Site, are subject to the terms and conditions and all applicable laws. They are subject to modification, alteration or update at any time.

3. All features, specifications, products and prices of items and services described on this Web Site are subject to change at any time without notice.

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